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Kielder Forest Drive

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Kielder Forest Drive

19th or 22nd October
Price: £400 per sidecar (includes 2 people)
£150 per sidecar with own sidecar outfit. 

Open to anyone who has already done a 1-day experience or will book one before the date. 

We'll stick mainly to tarmac on this brilliant road and graded road based day. We'll get the chance to really rack up some miles and explore the beautiful Northumberland Countryside. 

Taking a twisting and turning route through the foothills of the Cheviots we'll skirt along the Scottish border before dropping down through Kielder Forest on the magnificent Kielder Forest Drive. 

We'll pull in for a cracker of a lunch over looking Kielder Water before a scenic drive back to base having explored some of Britain's best countryside! 

It's £400 per sidecar with up to 3 sidecars available. Includes lunch, fuel, insurance and a guide.  Or you can bring your own capable sidecar outfit for half the price. 

Price is a £75 discount on a normal one day experience. Only open to people who have already done at least a one day experience. If you've not ridden with us already you can book a one day experience in advance to qualify for this experience. 

Combine this with a Green Lane Day for even more sidecar fun!

Bring Your Own Sidecar

Do you already own your own motorcycle and sidecar combination? Why not bring it along to one of our group days. It's just £150 per day or £275 if you book two back to back and you get to join our excellent guided experiences. 

Included in the price is lunch for two, an OGA qualified guide and a fantastic route. 

Your sidecar outfit has to be fit for the task so check in with us if you're not sure it can handle the terrain. For the Kielder Forest Drive you can bring any road orientated outfit but for the green lane days it must be off-road capable. 



  • Who can join an experience day?
    We have experience options for both riders and passengers. If you wish to ride a Ural, you will need to be over 25 years of age with less than 3 points on your license. There are no specific requirements if you wish to join us for a passenger ride.
  • Do I have to have ridden a sidecar before?
    No, the experience centre is open to anyone who has a full motorcycle license. We welcome both experienced sidecar riders who are looking to test a Ural and those who are just beginners looking to try it for the first time.
  • Where?
    We have locations both near Morpeth, Northumberland. please contact us for the exact address.
  • I want to buy a motorcycle and sidecar but don't want to do an experience day can I just come and test ride a motorcycle and sidecar?
    If you are interested in buying a Ural or Watsonian Sidecar but do not want to do a full experience day, you are welcome to arrange a viewing. We are also more than happy to take you for a test ride. However, whether you are an experienced sidecar rider or novice, you will not be able to ride and will instead be a passenger in the sidecar for the test ride. Riding a motorcycle with a sidecar is very different to a solo motorcycle and unless we have been given the opportunity to assess your ability, we can only take you for a ride as a sidecar passenger. We would strongly recommend you join us for an experience day before riding and don't forget that each experience day comes with a £250 gift voucher accessories.
  • How many people will be on an experience day?
    Our Rider Experiences are for groups of up to 8 people sharing 4 sidecar outfits. If you would like a private experience you can arrange that by contacting us at
  • Can I cancel my experience day?
    Experience days are non-refundable. However, if you can no longer attend your booked day we can change the day to a date of your choosing. You can also gift the experience day to someone else.
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Would like to book an experience day or interested in the new 2023 Gear-Up? Contact us here. 

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