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Whether you're brand new to sidecars or are the master of all things three wheels we've got rider experiences that are suitable for you. As a full motorcycle license holder you're fully qualified to ride a motorcycle and sidecar combination but it is completely different to a solo motorcycle. With this in mind, our professional and experienced guides will pass on top tips for riding sidecars safely while showing you the ropes. Your experience will start on our test track where you will get some practice before hitting the open road. All of our rider experiences are based on two people sharing one sidecar outfit so you need to bring another rider or a passenger to fill the seat. If you want to come alone you can do for an additional fee. 

You can now book to do these Rider Experiences on a Royal Enfield Interceptor and Watsonian sidecar outfit as well as our original Ural experience days. The below information is about our Watsonian experiences - if you would like to go off-road or would just like to try the Ural then check out our Ural rider experiences here or our Taste of Two Sidecars Day here. 



3 hours / £145pp

Our half day experience rides are a good introduction to the world of three wheels. If you're new to sidecar riding you'll get a chance to have your first go controlling a motorcycle and sidecar outfit, while familiarising yourself with all the quirks of three wheels. Our time will be spent understanding how power and braking impacts the handling of the bike as well some fun games to make sure you know how wide the outfit is! On this experience you'll spend around half of the time on the test track and half on the open road with one of our guides. 



6 hours / £245pp

A full day experience kicks off with the same itinerary as a half day experience but then we grab a bit of lunch (included in the price) and use the afternoon to explore Northumberland while getting to know more about the bike. We'll use this opportunity to visit some local points of interest and enjoy magnificent views across Northumberland National Park and the surrounding countryside. 



12 hours (2 full days) / £445pp

A two day experience starts with the same first day as described for a 'Full Day Experience' but on the second day we can kick on for a proper adventure! By the second day you will be far more comfortable with controlling the vehicle and we will be able to go out and explore Northumberland. Will we do the tidal causeway at Lindisfarne, a ride along Hadrian's Wall or even the Kielder Forest Drive? The choice is yours! Find out more about 2 day experiences on the button below. 



12 hours (2 full days) / £445pp

This two day experience gives you the chance to try riding a Royal Enfield Watsonian Sidecar outfit and Ural Motorcycle and Sidecar back to back across two days. This will give you a full experience of the two options. You'll get to know difference between the bikes and learn about how the different power, brake set up, size of the sidecar wheel and other things affect the ride. A great option for anyone who is considering buying a sidecar one day and wants to better understand the options. 


  • All experiences are based on two people sharing one sidecar. One person rides the motorcycle and one person is the co-pilot in the sidecar itself. If you're both licensed riders you can swap seats throughout the day and if you don't have a license, you can just hop in the sidecar and enjoy the ride. 

  • All guides are trained in sidecar riding and are OGA qualified motorcycle guides. Our guide will lead the day from another motorcycle or motorcycle and sidecar in front of you. 

  • This is a small group experience with a maximum group size of eight people (four sidecars). We always have plenty of guides on hand to split the group based on ability and interests. 

  • FUN! Our experiences are exhilarating and without a doubt the best way to adventure in the North East.

  • Safety first. We take safety really seriously and only travel at safe legal speeds. Sidecars are a thrill at 30mph! Plus we can provide helmets and other safety equipment if you don't have your own.

"A grand day out, Grommet, we really enjoyed it, had a practice round a gravel track for a while to get used to it and then went out on the road. Matt is a top bloke, it takes a while to get used to the sidecar but once you get used to the way it handles its great fun, I'd recommend their book too, a good fun read"


Rider Experience Customer


"My wife and I are just back from a weekend experience with Reece and just wanted to share that we loved it! Even though it rained on our first day of tuition Reece was a great teacher, patient, encouraging us both to share the riding and side car ‘saddle’ and before we knew it we were out and about on the roads (which thankfully were quiet) taking in the beautiful scenery."


Rider Experience Customer

As well as our set experience days we can offer bespoke experiences to meet your needs. If you have experience of riding sidecars before and want to use the time exploring Northumberland then get in touch to plan your itinerary. We can also organise multi-day experiences around Northumberland or anywhere else in the UK, just let us know your needs and we'll get it arranged.


  • Who can join an experience day?
    We have experience options for both riders and passengers. If you wish to ride a Ural, you will need to be over 25 years of age with less than 3 points on your license. There are no specific requirements if you wish to join us for a passenger ride.
  • Do I have to have ridden a sidecar before?
    No, the experience centre is open to anyone who has a full motorcycle license. We welcome both experienced sidecar riders who are looking to test a Ural and those who are just beginners looking to try it for the first time.
  • Where?
    We have locations both near Morpeth, Northumberland. please contact us for the exact address.
  • I want to buy a motorcycle and sidecar but don't want to do an experience day can I just come and test ride a motorcycle and sidecar?
    If you are interested in buying a Ural or Watsonian Sidecar but do not want to do a full experience day, you are welcome to arrange a viewing. We are also more than happy to take you for a test ride. However, whether you are an experienced sidecar rider or novice, you will not be able to ride and will instead be a passenger in the sidecar for the test ride. Riding a motorcycle with a sidecar is very different to a solo motorcycle and unless we have been given the opportunity to assess your ability, we can only take you for a ride as a sidecar passenger. We would strongly recommend you join us for an experience day before riding and don't forget that each experience day comes with a £250 gift voucher accessories.
  • How many people will be on an experience day?
    Our Rider Experiences are for groups of up to 8 people sharing 4 sidecar outfits. If you would like a private experience you can arrange that by contacting us at
  • Can I cancel my experience day?
    Experience days are non-refundable. However, if you can no longer attend your booked day we can change the day to a date of your choosing. You can also gift the experience day to someone else.
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