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Ural Motorcycles have been leading the way on motorcycle and sidecar combinations for more than 80 years. Originally built to serve on the front line in World War 2, Ural Motorcycles are now built for adventure not war! With over 80 years of developments and improvements, today's Ural Motorcycle is the best ever made. Today's Urals are Euro 5 compliant, reliable motorcycles but have still kept that rugged, retro look and feel which makes them a truly special bike. With less than 1500 produced a year, these bikes are still handcrafted meaning your specific bike can be accessorised to fit your lifestyle and riding style, making it truly unique to you. 


We are 'sidecar guys'! Way before we were ever thinking about selling motorbikes and running experience days for a living, we were riding sidecars! 

We are the the first people to ever circumnavigate the globe on a scooter and sidecar and we have a Guinness World Record for the longest ever journey by scooter and sidecar! We got into the business of all things three wheels for the love of it.


We work with sidecars because we think they're fun. Simple as that. What does that mean? Our whole team is passionate about all things three wheels and we don't concern ourselves with anything on two wheels. In fact, we only sell Ural Motorcycles. We've toured long distances on Urals and we ride Urals every day. We are Ural specialists!

We are the UK's longest established and most experienced Ural Motorcycle dealership. We are a small business but the biggest sellers of Ural in the UK, that means you'll get to buy from people who genuinely care about your experience and people who know the product and process of buying it better than anyone. 

Ultimately, if you're going to buy a sidecar, you'd be crazy not to buy it from The Sidecar Guys!


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